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Mathew Kerbis founded Subscription Attorney LLC in 2022. Kerbis started building a legal services subscription model to help provide affordable access to legal advice for small business owners, freelancers, and everyday people when he realized the subscription model could revolutionize the legal profession. That’s why he also launched the podcast Law Subscribed to convince the rest of the legal profession to make the same choice. Kerbis served as an American Bar Association leader for nine years, where he chaired boards, advocated for legal education reform, interviewed ABA Presidents and State Appellate and Supreme Court Justices, and lobbied Congress. He's also a dancing, acting and singing lawyer with the Chicago Bar Show.

Expertise: Legal Research, Legal Writing, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Risk Management

Location: Greater Chicago Area

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Protecting Companies & Employees with Confidential Separation Agreements

When an employee leaves a company, they usually take with them proprietary secrets and other insider knowledge. In order to protect the business, many employers have their soon-to-be former worker sign a confidential separation agreement. These allow both parties to move forward with a shared understanding of what constitutes privileged information. They also clarify other important parting business, such as what the company considers to be non-competition and what constitutes a fair severance package.
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