Diana Isyanova


Attorney at Law

Diana Isyanova is a business transactions attorney in Newport Beach, California. Her exceptional ability to think outside the box and convert opportunities into workable realities, naturally lead her into the entrepreneurial world. Diana enjoys tremendously helping small businesses and solopreneurs – the main focus of her practice.

Expertise: Contract Drafting, Contract Negotiation, Contractual Agreements

Location: Newport Beach, California

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Posts by Diana Isyanova

Contracts from the Beginning

Set a strong foundation for your next contract with this thorough ebook on Term Sheets.

E-signatures: No Pen or Paper Required

Our latest Ebook explains signature law in the digital age.

How to Make Contracts of Adhesion Less Adhesive

International Arbitration eBook

Amended and Restated Loan Agreement

Joint, Several, and Joint and Several liability can be confusing to navigate. It becomes important to understand what gets incorporated within each of these liabilities and how that affects the position of the parties. Attorney Diana Isyanova helps us understand that by tearing down an amended loan agreement. Her focus is on the liability section and how to tell if you have the right type of liability.

The Deconstruction of Joint, Several, and Joint & Several Liability Clauses

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