Amee Sandhu


Principal Lawyer & Founder of Lex Integra

Amee has been a business lawyer for 20 years. Her practice is uniquely focused on commercial negotiations, in-house counsel work, and ethics and compliance programs. She understands her client’s needs, because she used to be a client: She both spent many years as in-house counsel, as well as having operational roles at a Crown corporation, and functional roles at a major international engineering and construction company.

Expertise: Business Law, Corporate Ethics

Location: Toronto, Canada

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Posts by Amee Sandhu

How to Negotiate Compliance Contract Provisions

Ethics and compliance concerns pervade today’s business world. Companies worry about everything from conflicts of interest to ethics to anti-bribery. Because of their importance, it is critical that we properly address compliance in our contracts. Everyone who works with contracts needs to know what compliance provisions should say and how to negotiate them.
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